marți, 12 august 2008

Today is fear

Today I am just fear. Fear and pain.All my thoughts went away of my mind and fear is all that remains. That huge fear of nothing. There is me , full of fear, having my own mediocrity in front of me. It's so strange to see the foolish inside me staying right here, and starring at me.. My mediocrity went away and fear replaced it.I say to that foolish to go away and never come back but it doesn't . It looks at me and it enters again in my helpless human being full of pain and fear. It's part of me. But it will go away, I swear. I'll do my best to make all this mediocrity to leave me and never, but never come back. I hate it and I hate myself because of that.
I realize I need much more force and strength than I thought to ease all this foolish inside me. But I have to do it, no matter what. I'll keep myself plugging away... I'll keep myself trying...
Until then, today is fear... my fear

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