marți, 12 august 2008

The bug

There is a bug on the wall. A small, black bug. I'm gazing at it thinking about it's vision of the world. Because I'm almost sure that the bug is having an own oppinion and philosophy about it's small life and death. Our world should be so hard and complicate for a small, black bug. Now, it's crossing my room from a corner to another thinking maybe of a better path, the path is so long...
My uncle entered : " Go ahead and kill that bug", he said before to leave. But I couldn't. I gazed at it for a few minutes and then I opened the window to let it fly away. That life of the small bug doesn't have any sense for the most part of people. But it doesn't matter. I'll let it live it's small life. I'll open the window.
That also happens with me. In this world, between these people , I'm like a bug on the wall. They don't like me, they always mock me, talk things against me, try to hurt me, they want to get rid of me, I'm boring to them, I'm annoyant to them... I don't care too much about that. But I have a question:
Will they kill me or they'll open the window to let me fly away and live my life full of nothingness?

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