marți, 12 august 2008

The story of the kid in the midnight- for Linkin Park

Hello, I'm right now , here in my hell
Trying so hard to get rid of my cell
You see, those people they are falling apart
Letting the kid to cry alone in the dark
They don't know they're lost inside their busy minds
Inside the physical problems of the contemporary times
So blind, so far away they never realize
What do the kids say, they always minimize
So let now the clouds shove the sun aside
And let the kid climb up to the other side
The side of no fear, the side of no pain
The side of the numb feelings erased by the rain
The side of no dark, the side of no pride
The side of revolution against the human mind
The science will come, erase all the pain
And let 90 percent of things under some explain
You see, the kid is so alone up there
In the tower of light, of the black hemisphere
I know this is cowardly, another sense of fear
But why should the kid go again in their world
On the planet of bad people, mocking and hurt
Disappointing crashes, poems of nothingness
In the chaos of the mind, of the killing loneliness?
They always turn their back, let the kid alone in the park
While the mind runs ashtray in the chase with the dark
No thanks, I prefer the pain given by knowledge
The pain you never learn in their idiot silly college
The pain of infinity, the pain of loneliness
Inside an equation describing the nothingness
So I will stay up here, in my darkest place
Lighted by the stars, living at fastest pace
Inside the equations, inside my only race
Against my own limits against my own place
Against my state of being so small and misread
Against the paranoia, against all their threads
Which keep me down inside this dark and scary cell
Where the frozen hell becomes overwhelmed.

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