marți, 12 august 2008

Letter from hell

Hello from hell people! I'm here, in my hell, in the hell of fear and mediocrity made by Alex Dolfi. It's so cold over here and pain because it hurts so much being so stupid. The chains of mediocrity have fixed me upon the frozen ground and I can see just darkness coming from the black sky above my head. I'm so tired fighting here, trying to break these heavy iron chains and bleeding to reach all the books and things which I would have to know, study and learn. Where is my power of revolution? This is happening in this hell, you loose the force of fight and defeat, the power of your brain is dead and your conscious is minimal. Mediocrity puts a veil upon your eyes and a mist in your brain, you can see, feel and know nothing , no light at the end of the tunnel . You can just reach your own nothingness. This is the hell of confusion, reality is without any shape, I can't distinguish between fantasy and normality, I can't see and be in that way the others call "normal". I'm a nothing full of stupidity, lost in the hell of mediocrity created by my own mind. Bsut it isn't worth going on like this. It isn't worth trying to continue living in this damned hell and the most idiot thing i can do is to become lost deeper in my own mediocrity. No. It's over. I need another world, another hell of pain and fear but not a hell full or dark, not a hell where to be blind like here. I need a hellwhere it will be possible to see the light at the end of the black tunnel. A hell with a black sky but with some stars shining above. I don't want to get lost in nothingness. I don't want to carry on being the most stupid person on this planet. I must rise from mediocrity to normality. To a state of being which I can call "normal". I don't want to reach the way the other people think it's normal. No. I'll build my own normality, a new state of being made by Alex Dolfi. The war begins, I need much will , enough will to break the chains of mediocrity and start running to normality which is the second step I have to reach. The next level will be intellingence. But there is a very long way to go. I must throw away my stupidity first, and that is the hardest part of this war. Books will be my weapons, my brain and conscious will be my powers. I must find the mind which I've lost for such a long time. I must seek to make the sky above my head less dark. I don't care how hard it will be, I can't live in this foolish anymore. It's time to rise...The most stupid person on the planet, Alex DolfiP.S. The First World War against mediocrity begins, soldiers number is unlimited. If you think you are too mediocre and you want to fight near me and the others who are too stupid, contact us.

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cevacenue spunea...

hi,strangely,this is exactly how i feel now:(i want to become more than a mediocre person,to rise above the expectations .I just feel like i have lost a lot of time doing nothing