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Revision for Minutes To Midnight from Linkin Park

All people said that M2M was such a different album and I agree. It’s totally unusual from all the points of view. But almost all the fans I talked to were criticizing it really bad and they said they’re not LP fans anymore just because of M2M. Some other people said it’s much better, that they liked it more. About me, I can say I was absolutely disappointed when I listened to it for the first time, second time, third time…. But why? Why should we argue these guys so much about this album? Why should we blame them for some things that they are supposed to have done? It’s not fair. I’m starting to analyze M2M in my own point of view and see why to argue and why not.
Throughout the career of a music band many things can occur. When they first appeared on the stage in 1999 with the genial Hybrid Theory E. P. Linkin Park was in a total chaos. Very insecure, they couldn’t trust themselves and that E. P. followed by the extraordinary Hybrid Theory in 2000 is a deep analyze of a person who is simply losing the equilibrium of life, faith, truth and gets into incredible pain, confusing and chaos. Nothing seems to be real; they are totally lost into the dark, they can’t see the things as they are so they are and every contact with the real world causes unbearable pain. So, LP are crawling back into their papercut blown by the wind of forgiveness. It’s all black and has no hope. It’s all hybrid. Hybrid Theory.
We loved it. We also loved “Reanimation” came after. A very “worked” album and filled with classic instrumental adds. And what followed was “Meteora”. The best of them all I consider. Trying to find their forgotten origins, LP are digging into the memory, trying to find out the place where they belong and spread the pain that’s inside. The pain which has to be torn away, guys, let’s go back to reality that’s what they seem to say. They tried to reach another side of the space, something like another sense of salvation. And they did. They reached Meteora. And made us reach it too. They’ve done such a great job then.
These albums above are all unitary. They have an entire story told in 12 songs and if you get united the lyrics of all songs in their succession you can get a new reality and the description of band’s inner world. There’s a very big link between the words of the lyrics and the instrumental part is also unitary.
Minutes to Midnight has a story too. Maybe it has a longer story than the others but I can’ see it too well. It doesn’t seem to be a clear link between the songs. They look like different parts of the same story but there aren’t linkage elements to put them together. They are “In Between” and their words seem to be written in dedication to different events and political reasons throughout a very long time. The story has been lost behind the surface. There are different messages that songs transmit and if you try to unite them, you don’t get big deal. This album can’t be “felt” as much as you can feel Hybrid and Meteora.
On the first hand, it’s not unitary; the lyrics aren’t too deep and expressive. There are commemorative songs, political songs and even love songs. That seems really weird for a band like LP was before to play this kind of songs. On the other hand some songs are very “light” and commercial, the instrumental part is very soft and simple, you don’t need 3 guitars to play something like “Valentine’s day”.
But I say again. Many things can happen. These guys are crossing a changing period in their life. They want something different and feel something different. It’s telling me that they are searching a path to get out of the chaos they were in before and try to reach the light at the end of the tunnel. M2M shows the light, it’s there faraway but nobody can get it. It may be a time of total confusion for LP. They still don’t know what they want and where they need to go to. They look in different directions searching the right way. But they don’t want to look for it like before. They don’t want any of that pain and bleeding which was in Hybrid. The message is not to crawl, just “bleed it out” and “forgive what I’ve done”. But the way is very long. They didn’t get “salvation” with this album. They are broken in pieces somewhere “in between”. This album is totally confusing the lines. They’ve changed is the only thing that seems real, they still don’t know how to manage this changes. Maybe the next album will show us that light. These guys still have something to say. A lot to say. You never get out of the chaos too easy and too soon. But it seems that they’re getting out. So I wish they’d get out.
I’m still a bit disappointed but it doesn’t matter. When you are a real fan, you should accept all that your soul band is playing even if it’s good or bad. For those to criticize the message is “Hold it guys! Listen to it deeper. Can’t you see that LP is trying to fid the way out? Just sit down and listen to…” For those who love M2M just because it’s softer and who declare themselves LP fans without knowing or feeling the other albums the message is “Hold it guys! You are fake. If you don’t feel the others before, you’ll never be a LP fan.” For those about to rock Linkin Park forever “ Hold on guys…. We salute you!”

Alexandra Dolfi 17-12-2007

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