marți, 12 august 2008

My favourite word

Last night I slept like a koala bear... but I didn't drink boiled wine like my friend said. I've read " Traite de decomposition" by Emil Cioran. It made me think so much and I was feeling the thoughts overwhelming me so much that I decided to sleep.And it worked! But it doesn't work all the time. Mostly, my thoughts overwhelm me so much that I can sleep neither a second all night.But it worked telling my thoughts to go away yesterday, maybe because I was too tired.
But that cursed alarm clock rang again in the morning so I needed almost half an hour to encourage myself to get up and go to school. At school where I see again that invisible wall between me and my classmates. I wish I didn't feel like coming from another planet. I just have no idea what to talk to them. I know nothing about computer games and movies. I know I have to socialize but I feel all the time that I need to stop talking and withdraw back into my world. I look at the pictures of the universe in my geography book and I start being overwhelmed by it's perfection.. This is my world where I go when my classmates are talking their problems and the teachers are boring the class with things I've already read about.Wondering in the front of the universe.. I can spend hours in the front of it's photos thinking about the laws which make it be like we see it..It's so much mistery here..but also so strange...why is the universe like this? I still don't have the answer..
today, our English class asked us which is our favourite English word. My favourite word? It is "mystery". I've always liked this word, and also love the word "strange".These are the words which I use more often and which I like most. And another favourite word of myself is " fear" and " pain". These are my words.. Now I'm asking you: which is your favourite word?

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