marți, 12 august 2008

Brain blown into fractions

Psychically talking, there's just a second between keeping the integrity of your own brain untouched and blowing it into fractions. All the fragments of grey matter in my brain have leaked into a black hole, followed by some cosmic dust, and my forlorn human being is trying to buy some determination from the supermarket in the Andromenda Galaxy. I was just testing the Twin Paradox when I realized that I'm getting into mischief for the sake of please some aliens who are just prying into my business.
Wake up, wake up repentant inside your wasted prison cell and sweep away all these dizzy thoughts. What the hell am I done here? I've created my own duty and my own fragile thinking system but still I have to endure the tought judgements of my stern conscience. I'm arguing my brain reproachful adn I'm stirring to reach the core of my long penitence between the pages of a book. I act rashly, never unkind, rather naive and woebegone trying to reach an etablished purpose and bring my imaginary troubles to an end.
Just shove the black hole sun aside, bring back the grey shadow and watch them flee scarred while the twilight embraces the space around the penitentiary in a cold night. The smoke and mist blow out, this is when the ghost kid is starting the skirmish with the demons of the fragile nightmares, hanging the science on a thread and delaying the redemption just for the pleasure of chasing ,seeking and fighting in the lonely war.
The cripled brain has no arguments for wandering around the walls of damnation. Just take a glance to tthe naked sun, no mercy is shed to the meek and no salvage is given to those who betray the high principles of my hurted human being.I have no compassion.
Science beckons me, I'm searching another land, my anger is reaching the climax and I no longer want to stumble over my sick mind's deceiving ilusions.I had my time to fade dying on the floor and now I'm requesting my time to rise from the shadow and get the best I can from my grief-stricken blown out black hole brain. That will be fine with me as long as I'll be fighting alone in the war against myself. I'm my own worst enemy....

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