marți, 12 august 2008

Dedicated to daddy and some forgotten people around the corner

You kid me again, I'm just your friend for rent
You have found me then, on a wooden shelf
Near the books I've read, bleeding in my threads
Dripping my blood against the wall.
I can hardly say I agree your claims
I sell friendship for cheap, while you're digging my grave
Use me as a friend, you steal my mind and then
Push me on the edge to fall.
You kid me again, I'm just your child for rent
I won't bother you, while you shout my blame
While deceiving me, while I bear my pain
While I'm dying behind the call.
Carry on frustration, forget that I exist
I'm the needle in your vein, I'm the snack in your mist
See the beer draining, see you dare to blow
In the crowded silence, the child crying low.
Never see I have a will, never see I have a pride
Never see I have feelings, you think I don't mind
You're trying to transform me, you call me again
To be your child for rent, to be your friend for rent.
I'm drowning in your arms, like I always do
I have nowhere to go, my fake home is you
The despondent father, the foe in a friend
You're the barren poet of the barren land.
I wander and ramble, curse and amend
Between the fleeing fathers and pretended friends
They are fading me and I rise misplaced
To build the last wall of my prison cell.

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