duminică, 24 aprilie 2011

Lost somewhere in Krakow (photo story)

Easter morning. Strange feeling of having almost nothing to do. Haven't been like this for such a long time. I almost forgot how it is not being busy. In the last few months I've been on the run.Always on the road, always running after trains and searching the shortest path to arrive... somewhere. Now I'm telling you my story of Krakow, by day and by night. This city has a style, a different way of being. An old center surrounded by modern buildings and Vistula river crossing it. Spring air, fresh mood, blue sky and so nice people. We salute you Krakow.
Please, follow the sun. If you do this, you'll never lose the skyline.
Arriving in Krakow, we met the little blue dragon

Say a little prayer for those departed

Please, don't turn your back to the light...

The sound of the drums beating in my heart. 4ever

Guitar bite @ Hard Rock Cafe
No more Iron Maiden in Bucharest this summer. I wish I were in Warsaw on 10th June...

Levitation. Yes, he was doing it for real!

My roof, my shelter, my quiet... in the city center.

The door of my dreams is locked. Knock first.

Down the stairs you'll find the truth.

Vistula river

Go and save the princess!

A place to hide

Up in the sky

Yes I turned back to my army and left the fight. Oh... so much war and lost lives. What for?

Do not open. The dragon lies right there!

This happened on my B-day

Modern city area

I come to life by night and kill all the evil-doers. Just for my own amusement 

Clock tower

Schindler's factory- Jewish district, Krakow

The written walls of the Jewish district


The ceiling of Jagiellonian University

Completely lost

Black hole tree in the castle yard

A walk to the Wawel castle
My conference presentation

My conference presentation 2

The organizers of Neuronus and the Romanian team

Main square

Old church

And now... where?

Romania Neuroscience Team

The dragon that guards the castle and protects the princess

Black fat cat in the Jewish district

P.S. Happy Easter everyone!  

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